On this page you will get a glimpse of the men who have been touched by My presence. This is where they share, openly, their experience with Me.


MaxFisch-  The Creative Tortures of King Lexa

"I’ve seen the reviews, lusted over the pictures and heard the talk about how great King Lexa is so when I saw that she was coming to Detroit, I jumped at the chance to experience her for myself. I was definitely not disappointed."-aspX
MaxFisch- I was now Immobilized in Saran Wrap 

"I have been a MF member for more than 10 years and this is my first review so there must be something that prompted it...King Lexa. Let me dispense with the inquiry about her intoxicating beauty in that it is all real" -
MaxFisch-  King Lexa And Mistress Ultra-Violet

"They took turns to walk over my balls, chest, face, legs and suddenly King Lexa was on top of MUV and i was getting a full weight double chest trampling (they even jumped). My POV was priceless, what a beautiful moment.." -francisco
MaxFisch- King Lexa is super creative and verbal

"King Lexa is super creative and verbal, and I could tell she is completely into dominating men. She has an unbelievably athletic body, and she's much stronger than I expected. The session exceeded my expectations in every way. She's intuitive, extremely bright, and she's also a genuinely warm and decent person, so after the session ended, she's a pleasure to talk to. Definitely hope to session with her again some time." -substandard
MaxFisch- King Lexa in NYC

"When she opened the door, she was even more beautiful then her pictures. She inspected my cock cage. After a brief interview, she went to work on me.

While she had me sucked on a dildo suctioned-cup to the window, she flogged, caned and whipped the my back. You can see the results on her twitter @KingLexa_.

She got into my head so quickly, I would had done anything she wanted. I was so deep into subspace." - abcdef
MaxFisch- Drinking King Lexa's Champaigne

"When I met her, I immediately knew that I had hit the jackpot. She is beautiful, much more so than her pictures. Young Latina look, beautiful face, long thick hair, radiant skin, with a great self-confident smile. And She has that spark in her eyes that just gets you off. Good pre session communication." -newslavem
MaxFisch- Clearly not a princess and, indeed, a King!

"The woman I met came across as sophisticated, educated, and elegant... clearly not a princess and, indeed, a King! Despite the fact that she was dressed very casually, she was magnificent to behold. Her commanding presence caused heads to turn and put butterflies in my stomach." -scdon
Maxfisch- A year of unbelievable sessions

"Having sessioned with some of L.A.'s best and most beautiful domes for the past 15 plus years, I was hesitant when I first saw King Lexa's ad pop up on Backpage just over a year ago. She seemed brand new and the pics seemed too good to be true. I’m so happy I took the plunge and sessioned with her, because what followed has been the most amazing year of sessions I’ve experienced in my 15 plus years of seeing L.A.’s best and most beautiful dommes."-rico


MaxFisch- Greatest session I have had so far!

"I have served Goddess Lexa several times but mostly as a GS slave. She wanted me to try FTT and kept pushing my boundaries but in a very delicate manner such that I did not feel shoved into it.

I kept serving her for about 7 months as a GS slave and tried BS once. She worked well to get into my psyche and understand what I need to get there... all the time nudging me along!

Finally, in Jan 2017, we were successful! Man I tell you, I feel submissive to her now and it was a greatest session I have had so far.. And I have been in the BDSM life since 
2008!" -sdslavejayv


MaxFisch-  She will push your limits

MaxFisch- She’s beautiful and has a fantastic personality