Stronger than you


King Lexa’s little cunt is put to sleep in a series of knockouts as King talks down to him. Through every knock out King Lexa reassures her cunt that “he is weak”, she’s not even trying to squeeze that hard! As King’s cunt begs to go easy on him she does far from his pleads. She explains how when she takes away your oxygen you become dumber doing anything she pleases. She proves this by making her cunt lick her dirty feet.

Video Length: 00:11:19


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King lexa has sleeper legs and knockouts came natural to her and most girls can’t compete to that. Her scissorhold were far most deadly,passion,soul to take a man life and how much control and power king have with those legs. I believe in her a lot. Good work.
Peter Je
Peter Je@jensenpeter9107
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Good clip. Light to moderate real KOs. The clip quality and lighting is impressive–hard to capture black yoga pants on video, but it was done brilliantly here. King Lexa has very solid KO technique. I think her triangle puts any guy out. I’m impressed, she’s the real deal.