Serving a King  requires fulfilling all the Luxuries that come along with it. By being given the chance to be a part of My decadent lifestyle you will have the pleasure of owning My very expensive bills. This is your chance to do what you deserve, this is your chance to become My slave.. this is your chance at commitment.


RENT: $1,000/WEEK

I live in a floor to ceiling glass high-rise in beautifully expensive Orange county. I wake up every morning to marble floors and a warm cup of Bulletproof coffee as I look down at the world beneath My gorgeous feet. As a King I couldn’t have it any other way. I’m always above all and shall always be.


Are you a slave to beautifully painted toes and hands? Not quite yet. But heres a chance. Maintaining a body as fit and beautiful as mine requires Me to spend hours at the gym. My nails and feet require up-keep on a weekly basis because of this. Become a true slave to the hands and feet that keep luring you in.

GYM: $100.00/WEEK

This goddess body wakes up every morning at 5:30 AM and heads over to the gym religiously. A body like mine is not given it is worked for. As a true slave you will commit to the monetary aspects of My physique- its the least you can do. Become My essential body worshipper now.



Have you ever heard the saying you become what you eat? Now you have. I am very picky as to what I allow to go inside by body. My diet is very strict yet clean and healthy. Choosing only the best quality foods I always go organic, eat predominantly plant based, and only eat wild caught fish. I enjoy to shop at Whole food and Mothers Market easily racking up My grocery bills.  After all health is wealth.