Make a deposit.  To book a session, consultation, dinner or even a shopping experience with yours truly you will be directed to make a deposit. Click here so I can break it down for you.

I imagine you have found me via Eros. On My Eros ad you will find My rates. Missed it? I think it’s time you get your dick out of your hand and focus.

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A. Consultations

We will meet in a location of my desire where you will have the pleasure of getting to know my twisted mind as I get to break down your kinks &/or fetishes for the perfect session scene.

30 min 100

1 Hour 150

B.  Dinner/Shopping

I only desire and am satisfied with quality things in life. Take me out shopping or to dinner to prove your devotion. I will love it. Nothing more sexy than to see you financially drained by me and for me.

1 hour 200

2 hours 500

3 hours 700