My Limits


All limits are to be respected upon play

First things first.

  • Nothing that ends in -job

Jobs of any kind – hand jobs, blow jobs, etc. Are not within My domain. Search for an escort if you require any of these. I assure you she will be fairly thrilled and skilled.

  • No queening, rimming , nude face-setting, toilet paper …

This will never be an option. I am apathetic to your desire of “worshipping” Me in such way’s.  Once again try an escort. I don’t want you touching in those areas. The idea in itself I find very displeasing and repulsive. I am disinterested in how clean you may be. No chance.

  • No switching

I find this question  quite ignorant, foolish, dull-witted… must I go on? Sometimes I wonder when being asked if you’re trying to be deliberately obtuse?

  • Nudity

That’s your job.

  • No Kid’s or minor’s

If I need to explain this to you do not bother emailing Me for a chance to session. You lost it already.

  • No Sex

Common sense is not so common so I added this on here.