I am King Lexa I specialize in all forced play and financial domination. When you hear my voice you will leave your world and enter mine. I convey my kinky devious brilliance and you will untimely find yourself begging for Me. You have been warned.

First question that must come to mind: Why King?

Let me start out by saying Im unique. Im like no other Goddess or Mistress you have encountered- hence My title. A King is historically more powerful than a Queen. People were more likely to rally behind a King who could lead his troops to battle, than a Queen who would be perceived as weak and ineffective.. Im here to tell you that Im The King. But yet more powerful than any other King you have seen because I am female. And yes you guessed it -females rule the world. Needles to add, Im huge on role reversal. The psychology of it all turns me on. There is nothing more powerful in this life than a FEMALE KING. Engrave this.I am The female King.

I see you are captivated by me, Heres My story…

I was born a Peruvian/Japanese doll. At an early age I learned the power of manipulation & control. I always enjoyed getting people to do what I wanted; specifically men. Let me tell you, I always got what I wanted. Through out the years My obsession grew and I realized that dominating men was My sport. And like any great athlete I went pro.

Before professional domination took a toll in my life I became a bikini model. My exotic looks created amazing content and this was when I learned to use my sensuality to get what I wanted and I fucking loved it! This was when I took my sport to a dangerous level.

The power of control is not something I soley apply in scene: it rules my life. Its not a mask I put on just for show.. I crave control in every aspect of my life: from what I eat, to how much I train,..and now you. I think its more than obvious to say Im very well discplined. None of which can be done without control.

In order to have control of others it must be relfected on yourself.

As you can see My journey has been grand but I can never have enough, I always want GREATER. Draining men financially and physically is my sport in which Im only getting better. Now, I have a question for you. In a game that you can never win…

Can you afford to play?