About Me

I see you are captivated by me, you have good taste.
If you are ready for a Domme experience like no other, I am King Lexa. A perfect mix of Japanese/Peruvian and fluent in Spanish. I am a professional Domina, whom you can fully trust and respect. Upon playing with me you will be gifted with the pleasant surprise of discovering that a woman that looks this good can be so deliciously bad.
My energy turns heads when I enter a room. I don’t command attention I simply receive it. I idolize natural beauty and sensuality, which is portrayed in my physique , the way I carry myself, and take care of myself. I look strong, but I am even stronger than I look.
When enraptured in play the connection is of the utmost importance to me. Overall, I am an energy player and get off to the connection created during play. I am an expert on pushing boundaries yet respecting your limits. Understand that you comfort exists in the gift of your submission to me. Truth be told it brings a smirky smile on my face to watch you flicker from pleasure to pain. My style of play is versatile, and though its the body that interprets both pleasure and pain it’s your mind that Im after. Even after we play you’ll find me resonating in your head. I’m a beautiful vice,

What are you waiting for?